Friday, March 21, 2008

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I forgot, apparently, to mention that a girl I used to go to school with is pregnant.

She is not even 13 and a half, according to Coolbeans, and she is very small, thin, short, and overall I can't believe she's pregnant. I mean, I always knew that she would be having sex very early, but pregnant?

No way. I remember going to dance class with her in second grade. Holy crap, we were seven years old. I remember I always thought she was pretty, although her skin and hair were so light and so pale they were almost the same color. So pale. Just for the record, most people hated her, and I kind of hated her too.

She went to school with me in first and second grade, I think, at least second grade. Some time, maybe third grade or fifth grade or something, when I was homeschooled, she moved to a nearby town that was still in our high school's district. So I didn't see her until I went to the Junior High, and she was in my homeroom. She was annoying, and I found her kind of stupid, although she was in my high English class, so I guess she couldn't have been that stupid. (then again, knowing which town she came from, maybe she was the smartest in the class) Then she moved away. Supposedly, her father was in prison, and she was put up for adoption. I felt a little bad for her, but I disliked her enough to not care much. I haven't heard anything about her, and I forgot about her mostly until yesterday, when Coolbeans told me that she was pregnant. The father is a cousin of a boy in our grade at our school. I just can't believe her.

I think I always knew she would be one of the first girls to lose their virginity, but I really didn't expect her to get pregnant. I didn't think anyone who wasn't in at least 9th grade would.

I would stop hurting myself and go on a healthy diet if I was pregnant. I would probably end up losing some of my body-fat (my BMI is up to 23, which I am not happy about) and my scars would heal, and then I could never hurt myself, knowing that I had to take care of my baby.

I wonder if the girl who is pregnant is going to keep her baby, or maybe get an abortion. I don't know if it's illegal in Massachusetts or not, but I don't think she would. I just can't believe it. I'm in shock. She's pregnant. I went to elementary school with her. She was in a five-day summer-camp-like thing group with me (you know which camp I mean, right?).

I assumed that we would all go to ninth grade virgins, and at worst, some people might lose it over the summer. I am pretty sure that most of the guys are totally not ready for that, anyways. I only know one guy who is growing a beard or anything like that, and Rocky, the so NOT epitome of masculinity, well, I won't say anything mean about him, besides my firm prediction that he will make a girl pregnant before we graduate from high school. I am giving him 50 dollars if he hasn't. I'm not even kidding. I am positive that some girl will have Rocky's kid before he's even 18.
If he has more than one kid, he owes me 50 dollars. Especially if it's by different girls.

I am being so mean. :)

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