Wednesday, April 2, 2008


It's April.

I shall be 14 in less than 3 weeks. Woohoo.

I feel horrible. Zoloft doesn't work, okay? It's not working.

They need to try something else. Maybe some kind of acupuncture.

Oh yeah, bloodletting! That would make me feel better.

Heck, maybe the reason it worked in the Middle Ages was because cutting is addicting, therefore you feel better after you get cut...

Either way, I shouldn't cut, but I will if I still feel bad tonight or something.

I'll try to go to school tomorrow. I'll actually make an effort.

If anyone asks where I've been, I'll say, "I don't have to tell anyone." and they'd better leave me alone.

If they don't, I'll tell them that if they cared about me enough to ask me where I was, they should have been able to stop me from getting addicted to cutting in the first place.

I feel like getting angry at someone or something.

Wow, it took less than 2 hours to be finished with what I was doing with the Internet. See, I can cut down on it. I'll learn to cut down...

Cut... down...

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