Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Is is just me, or are a lot of things dying lately?

Bleh, it's just me. I wish I was dead. That's why I feel that way.

I took my Zoloft early, around 7 or something. It's not working. I think I'll take it in the morning tomorrow.

Not wise? Probably. But it should be fine. I have an extremely low dose, anyways. If I took 25 mg at say, eleven pm last night, another 25 mg at 7 tonight, and then another 25 at 5 in the morning, that's not too bad.

According to Wikipedia, some guy who took 250 mg of Zoloft went crazy and killed his wife. I figure that if I NEED 50 or more mg of Zoloft, then it won't be too bad if I take 25 mg more than 8 hours apart.

At least twice now, I have controlled the urge to take two or three pills at one time. That's not a good sign because now it's like I'm at high risk for drug abuse. Great. Well, I already thought about that stuff. I won't get addicted to drugs because I am far too vain of my great mind. I can't let drugs ruin it. My brain won't get ruined by cutting.

Oh yeah, and I stole a razor from the bathroom (my mom didn't know it was there) and I found some scissors and made it Dangerous. I removed some skin on my palm (not much, and it didn't even bleed or sting very much) and made two cuts in my right arm. I was just playing with the safety razor, anyways.
It didn't make me feel very good.

The other thing I have to say is in my deviantART journal. It's very creepy...

I think Charles Manson was REALLY insane. But it's not surprising that he thought he heard messages in Beatles songs. I mean, it DOES sound like they are trying to tell us things.
I dunno what. I will never believe any conspiracies or anything.

The other day, I got a good insult in at my sister.
I said how I looked up pictures of people with psoriasis, and how it's weird that people in commercials never show their ps', so I was looking at the pictures.
"They really aren't that bad," I said. "Of course, not much looks bad after I've seen your face."
She just smiled at the insult and said, "Good one." My sister is SO annoying to insult because she just smiles and praises me. Um, STUPID.

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