Monday, March 24, 2008

Hotness Scale (wooo!)

According to Rocky, his new girlfriend is an 8 on the hotness scale. I find that amusing.
I could get Rocky in SO much trouble...
But I won't because I'm his friend, or I consider myself so, and I have decided to stop being mean to him. I will let myself be cruel to D, but Rocky is getting the nice treatment, because he did something nice for me a couple weeks ago.

We were still talking about the hotness scale when Daboss appeared, walking towards the bus. When he got on, I said, "*first name* is a 9 and a half."

They didn't hear me.
Exasperated, I said, "I just said something funny, and you totally ignored it!" and so I repeated myself (a bit too loudly) "*first name* is a 9 and a half."
At first they were silent, but then they all started giggling like mad and I laughed too.
Stephen, who could not help but overhear his name, smiled, hiding his confusion (I am good enough at mindreading to see that he was hiding confusion), and OMG he just looked SO cute when he smiled, so I really have to say that he's a 10 when he smiles. :D
Then I moved my stuff and talked to him... For a minute or two. His sister got on and stole him, but I was okay with it.
Darn, I forgot to take my Zoloft today! I'll take it in a few minutes or so. I'm just quickly blogging since I had a good day. :D

I heard that the girl who's pregnant, Katie, might have to get an abortion, but I also heard that her mom doesn't even know yet. That's horrible. A school you don't even attend anymore knows all about your pregnancy, but not your mom.

If I was pregnant, I'd tell a select few, but I would not tell my mom until I was three months pregnant. At that point, I would be pretty sure that I couldn't hide it anymore, and I would not have the hope of a miscarriage or anything.

I know what my April Fool's Day joke will be. It should work pretty well. And April Fool's Day is one week from tomorrow. YAY! I LOVE that day! It's my favorite holiday!!!! Poisson d'Avril!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, I just love April Fool's Day so much!!!

Okay, what else do I have to say? I'm going to school all this week.

I'm not going to get sick again for the rest of the year! YAHOO!

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