Sunday, March 16, 2008

Somebody's B-Day...

It is the sixteenth of March, and, Best Friend Who's Birthday is Today, I am working on your present. I didn't finish it because I was busy yesterday, and I will be busy today, but I think I can have it done today. I will stay up late if I have to.

My brother came home last night. Around 9:30 or so. It was good to see him. He doesn't have his goatee anymore. :( Just kidding, I think he looks fine without it. He, I, and our dad are going bowling this evening. Somewhere. Yay! I like bowling with my brother. I don't do much stuff with my dad, so I guess I will enjoy it. My dad and brothers are going to a place that I think is a bar where they will drink.

I wonder who the designated driver will be...

Probably the elder brother. I am more likely to believe that the younger one and my dad could get drunk, but whatever. It will be a nice 'male bonding' thing.

I will not drink any alcohol until the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. I'll be old enough to drink by then, and I don't mind waiting the extra time. I'll meet up with Honk! and other Star Trek friends (if we're still in touch) IRL and we will open some champagne to celebrate. 50 years of Star Trek!

I wonder if The Shat and Spock and any of the others will still be around. I mean, it's... eight, nine more years. I don't know if they can last. Here's to hope that they will get to see their golden anniversary.

I guess I can't commit suicide until 2016... Darn it!

I think that the Zoloft does work. It is easier to banish the dark thoughts from my mind, but the rest of the my mind is working normally. Cool.

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